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Log.-Period. Antenna LPDA/100-5000

Log Periodic Dipole Antenna LPDA 100-5000 MHz

Antenna, Scanner-Antenna EMC/EMI measurement (Electromagnetic Compatability, Electromagnetic Interference)
High Power Broadband Log Periodic Antenna LPDA 100 MHz - 5 GHz with Short Space Factor

The Log Periodic Dipole Antenna LPDA 100-5000 MHz covers the operating frequency range of 100 MHz to 7 GHz with high power handling and ultra-robust mechanical design. Optimal for usage with spectrum analysers for EMC measurement.
The LPDA 100-5000 is designed for immunity measurements, emc measurements.
Suitable for mobile or alternatively for outdoor installation.

Technical data:
Frequency 100-5000 MHz, elements 2x16, impedance 50 ohms, N-female, Pmax 500 W, polarisation vertically/horizontal, gain 3.0 - 6.0 dBi, alpha E 50°, alpha H 43°, V/R 23,5 dB, material hard aluminium, anodises, length 1100 mm, width 1450 mm, weight 1.2 kg

Log Periodic Dipole Antenna LPDA 100-5000 MHz


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