Antenna Secondary Radar FLU-SR/Y13

Yagi beam antenna secondary Radar

Antenna Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) 1090 MHz

Yagi directional antenna, frequency range 1070-1110 MHz,

with open half wave dipole for the reception aircraft secondary radar (Secondary surveillance radar SSR, Downlink frequency 1090 MHz, mounting in front-of-mast, polarization horizontal/vertically, connector N-female, completely with mast mounting.

Technical data:
Gain 14,5 dBi, V/R > 22 dB, alpha E 34°, alpha H 40°, length 116 cm, B 6 cm, H 14 cm.

Antenna Secondary Radar 1090 MHz


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Antenna Secondary Radar

Antenna Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) 1090 MHz

Antenna Secondary Radar Detail

Antennas aeronautical aircraft, secondary radar-Detail connector

Antenna reception aircraft secondary radar