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Supply/modes of payment deliveries, powers and offers of the BAZ special antennas, Jörg Purschke, are affected binding on the basis of following trading conditions. These keep your validity also for all future business, even if they are not again expressly agreed upon. With clearing of the order process the AGB is valid as adopted. Amendments or cancellations of appointments are possible only in exceptional cases, since it concerns exclusively single or special productions. One contradicts to referring to trading conditions of the buyer hilfsweise and as a precaution hereby. If inconsistencies from these trading conditions should come, this requires the express and in writing located acknowledgeement of the BAZ special antennas.
The prices are valid for the valid VAT at the point in time of the appointment of the commodity and understand themselves per unit or unity including. (z.Zt.19%). With special appointments the prices are valid according to the binding offer. All prices understand themselves starting from place of delivery, excluding container and postage. According to our discretion we determine mode of shipment, transit period and carrier. We are entitled to partial deliveries. Partial deliveries are valid for liabilities, danger transfer and warranties as automatic deliveries. The orderer is not to be rejected entitled partial deliveries. If an item should not be at short notice available, we decide after our election whether a free of charges subsequent delivery is affected. The payee is obligated to verify the consignment for integrity. A transport damage should have occurred is an immediate acknowledgeement by the Anlieferer to be drawn up. Delivery deadlines or - periods, which can be agreed upon binding or without obligation, require writing. The delivery time extends appropriately due to events, which make more difficult or make delivery impossible substantially. (Strike, disasters, again controlled laws, higher power, problems with subcontractor etc.). Requirements for fault during disregard of delivery are basically excluded. If the handicap lasts longer than 3 months, the buyer is entitled after appropriate respite putting to withdraw from the treaty. If the delivery period extends or if the buyer of the treaty becomes free, it can deduce from it no claims for damages.
We reserve ourselves the property at the purchase thing up to the complete payment of all accounts receivable, inclusive secondary claims. With conduct contrary to the terms of the agreement are as to be reclaimed entitled the purchase thing. The purchase thing continued to process, solidly mounted etc. acquire we the co-ownership at this thing. With accesses third will refer the buyer to the property of the salesman and this immediately for penetration of its rights will information.
We guaranty that our products are free after the respective state of the art of material defects, i.e. are suitable them for the normal, presupposed application and indicate a condition, which is usual with things of the same kind. For the supplied products it concerns generally special productions/special developments. It is valid from there a general non-liability for all possible kinds of damage (material, persons, animals, suburban faults to house, roof, garden, public traffic etc.). The technical parameter specified in publications were conscientiously compiled. A guaranty for their correctness cannot be taken over however, also from it no cancelling obligation can likewise result or derivation claims for damages. If it concerns with the products of the BAZ special antennas separating or one-off productions, a return right is basically excluded, also this is valid with ready-made antenna cables. As far as a defect of the purchase thing representation from us to admits becomes, the customer can request the removal of the defect or the delivery of a faultless thing for his election. A liability for normal wear is impossible. No guaranty is taken over, if these from inappropriate application, bearing, operation to arise. Likewise any guaranty goes out, if the customer makes interventions or repairs or lets make. If a defect shows up only later than 6 months, then the customer has to guide the detection that the thing was defective with danger transfer. The buyer is obligates the lodged a complaint item back with an accurate error description and the original invoice at BAZ to send. Are at the purchase thing modifications, interventions and other manipulations were made are omitted any requirement on return, claim and transformation. Same is valid for return without supplement of the original invoice. With unauthorized claim we reserve ourselves the calculation of a representational allowance for executed inspection measures. The level depends on the expenses, consists of at least 15, - euros.
Buy-back price for goods: (with which off-takes is to invoice, specification are about specification and depend on state and actual current value)
A-commodity completely, unopened, original packs, no using tracks 100%.
B-commodity completely, opened, low using tracks, if necessary processing necessarily 60-90%.
C-commodity completely, opened, use tracks, if necessary contaminations, noticeable using tracks 15-40%.
Basic amplifier modules (short-name VM…) after customer request configuration as special fabrication are produced. These can deviate by varying configuration from the indicated standard values and likewise deviate in the external appearance from each other. The descriptions VM-A/VM/DX-B/Vm-C are not product labels, the description refer to a basic equipment (VM), referred according to customer request specification.
With distributing houses of the company BAZ special antennas, Jörg Purschke, delivery is affected basically against Vorkasse, Keditkartenzahlung or invoice plus forwarding expenses. The packing costs are pro rata taken over by us.
When place of delivery for all mutual, from which treaty owed powers bath Bergzabern determined. With inefficacy of individual provisions of the supply contract or these general trading conditions the other provisions remain further effective. For the trading conditions and the legal relations between salesmen and buyers, resulting from it, the right of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid. Exclusive area of jurisdiction is bath Bergzabern.

Right of revocation

They know your declaration of treaty within two weeks without specification of reasons in text shape (e.g. letter, fax, email) recall or by return of the thing. The period starts at the earliest with receipt of this instruction. For keeping the despatch in good time of the revocation or the thing meets the period of revocation.

The return right does not consist with non-standard fabricated items after customer request (special fabrication).